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It has been many years since I said I never thought I would be 'putting out my shingle' (which I'm only doing figuratively, not literally!) but felt it was time to offer my services as a way of sharing what some call a 'gift' but I always ay we all have this ability, it is not unique to me.


It has been a time of growing for me and will continue to be, as I encourage others to embrace and accept, not reject, the energy we can feel, but not see. I don't have 'special powers,' I'm simply being used as a messenger and have come to learn about and use the energy level that is around each and every one of us.


It has always been a part of me, so I consider it as a part of who I am. It's as normal to me as everyday activities are for each of us. 

No, I cannot tell you the lottery numbers, that is not what this is about (but I've been asked on more than one occasion for those numbers!).

What I can help with is the passing of messages to you from the universe and from spirit.  Readings are a shared experience where we engage and let any messages come forward.

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